Why I Love My Bicycle for Transportation (almost) Everywhere

Bicycle for transportation

I love my bicycle for transportation. I love that I can get everywhere I need to go by bicycle. Work, friends, a night out, a walk in something that is similar to nature. I do live in the city, after all, which is why my bicycle is the perfect mode of transportation (and which is also why there is not a lot of nature). And no, I can’t bicycle to visit my parents (they live over 300 km away) or to buy something really big and heavy (although I have seen some impressive furniture-transportation via transport-bike). But that doesn’t even begin to outweigh all the awesome benefits.

My bicycle is cheap transportation

It is cheap to transport myself around by bicycle. All I need is a bicycle after all. I got mine brand new in 2015 and paid €700 for it. It’s still in great condition, and I expect it will last many years still. Once I do need to replace it either because it is irreparable or has been stolen (so far, my husband and I got three bicycles stolen), I will try to find a used one.

As with most modes of transportation, I do need to maintain my bicycle. That, however, is usually pretty inexpensive – especially once I get better at doing stuff myself. So far, I can change a flat tyre, give my bicycle oil and change the saddle. On average, I probably spend no more than €40 a year on maintaining my bike.

Purchase price and maintenance combined, I have spent no more than an average of € 180 a year on my bicycle so far. If I’d had a car, my expenses would have been waaaaay higher with car payments, fuel, insurance, taxes, maintenance and what not. With public transportation, I would have also had to spend in the vicinity of €80 per month, which amounts to €960 annually (!). That difference equals money that I can now invest or squander away (just kidding!) as I please. Ka-ching.

My bicycle is also environmentally friendly transportation

The carbon dioxide emitted from my lungs as I bicycle is far, far less than that of a car, bus or train. There’s honestly not a lot more to say. Sure, my bicycle is made of materials that have been extracted from the ground, so it isn’t carbon neutral. But the same thing can be said for both cars and most types of public transportation – except they are much bigger and require much more resources, not to mention oil for fuel. So by bicycling instead of driving a car or taking public transportation, I have a much lighter environmental footprint.

It’s healthy to bicycle

Bicycling is super healthy. For me, it’s a really simple and easy way to get some cardio integrated into my everyday life as I bicycle to and from work (almost) every day. That’s 14 km or around 70 minutes of exercise every day (minus weekends). It is actually a nice way to start and end my day, at least most of the time. I am definitely not a morning person, so the bike ride helps me wake up and feel (somewhat) energised. Going home, it’s a nice transition from work to free time. And if I don’t feel like doing any other kind of exercise that day, I’m good because I’ve already been relatively active.

I get creative when I ride my bike

It doesn’t happen every time I ride my bike, but a few days ago, I felt a rush of inspiration and creativity as I was making my way home from work. It had just been a regular ol’ day at work and it wasn’t a particularly beautiful day, but the bike ride was excellent. As I was pushing down hard on the pedals, I thought of a long list of blog posts I wanted to write, feeling inspired by the myriad of thoughts that came into my mind. This is, not surprisingly, one of them.

I get that same rush of creativity sometimes when I am running or taking a walk, and I really believe the combination of fresh air, outside impressions and being active triggers something brillant in the mind.

Bicycling is simple and flexible

It is so simple for me to use ride my bike. I don’t really depend on anything – not even the weather, if I dress accordingly. Going around in the city, it is usually simpler and faster to grab my bike instead of taking public transport or the car, especially in rush hour. I also feel like it’s a lot more flexible: My bicycle doesn’t take up much space, so it is easy to park almost anywhere. That is difficult with a car. I also don’t have to change my mode of transportation, as I might have to with public transport. And I don’t rely on schedules for trains and buses. I just rely on my bike, and I love that.

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