Why I Eat Out + Review of MadenItaly: Delicious Vegan Pasta and Pizza

Wait a second. This blog is about saving money and reaching financial independence, perhaps in order to retire early. Expensive restaurant visits are NOT a part of that, right?

You’re right. I would reach financial independence faster if I never went out to eat. Because restaurant visits will always be way more expensive than cooking your own food.

So why am I writing a restaurant review? What am I even doing in a restaurant when I am perfectly capable of cooking delicious food at home?!

(If you are just yearning to read the review, feel free to skip ahead to the next section).

Why I eat out (a lot less than I used to)

Well, I love food. So does my husband. And so we have decided that we are not going to completely expel the luxury of eating out from our lives. BUT we go to restaurants a lot less frequently. We used to eat out or order take out a lot – and at random. Often because we were too tired to cook or hadn’t planned our week and were facing an empty fridge. And it never felt like a problem, because we could easily afford to. But it still costs us a LOT of money.

We can still afford to eat out, but now we make a much more deliberate choice to eat out, and we limit it to no more than once a month. This will be a lot to some and very little to others – and isn’t that just the beauty of difference? We still spend time and money on restaurant visits because it adds value to us. Then, there are other things that do not add value, which we have let go of.

I imagine that everyone has something that is easy to forgo in the pursuit of something as awesome as FIRE, as well as something that is a lot harder to purge from your life. And although I think it is important to take action and be a bit radical now and again when it comes to FIRE and sustainability, it also needs to be… sustainable. To me, when it comes to food at least, that means drastically reducing my intake of restaurant meals – but still allowing myself a delicious, deliberate dinner out once in a while.

Review of MadenItaly (about time!)

Okay, so we’ve finally reached the actual review of MadenItaly.

Our reason for visiting the restaurant was that my husband’s parents wanted to take us out for dinner for his birthday. Since my husband and I have recently more or less stopped eating animal-based products, we wanted to visit a new vegan-friendly place in Copenhagen.

We don’t go out to eat much, hence we don’t know that many places. So, we randomly browsed around to find something – and stumbled upon MadenItaly. It’s an Italian 100% vegan restaurant – the first of its kind in Copenhagen. And it was delicious. Hence the following review of MadenItaly:

For starters, my husband and I had two huge slices of pizza (aka one enormous slice of pizza cut in half. I swear we only ordered one each! Apparently one = two. Not a disappointment at all, though, but if you’re not that hungry, maybe share). The crust was delicious, and the topping… oh my! They were pretty simple – one with potato, one with mushroom – but had so much flavour to them. Definitely one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.

We both had pasta as the main course. A tagliatelle norma with eggplant and a tagliatelle mushroom and truffle with… mushroom and truffle! And no, I did not know what tagliatelle meant, but apparently it’s just one of the hundreds of different kinds of pasta. As with the pizza, the pasta was incredibly flavourful. The flavours were perfect balanced and it all tasted so fresh. At the same time, it was very simple, but oh so satisfying. For both dishes, they had used vegan cheese alternatives that did just what they needed to do: add some nutty flavour and a creamy texture.

To top it all of, I had a scoop of vegan vanilla ‘ice cream’ (based on oats, I think) with an espresso shot. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal. The ice cream had a full vanilla flavour and a rich and creamy texture. And the coffee was awesome.

If you must eat out – go vegan!

I hope my review of MadenItaly has made your mouth water and encouraged you to book a table there ASAP (or travel to Denmark and book a table – perhaps once COVID-19 is less of a mess). We need delicious vegan restaurants to show people that we don’t need animals in our food to make it delicious. Helping the planet by eating isn’t too bad, is it? And even though it’s not the most FIRE-proof way to go about your day-to-day, I definitely think it’s better to financially support businesses that are not ruining our planet by using animal-based products.

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