Too Good To Go: Avoid Food Waste and Save Money

avoid food waste save money

I just came back from my local grocery store where I picked up four loaves of bread from their bakery for just shy of €4. That’s very cheap in Danish terms (normally, €4 would be the price of one loaf). How did I manage to get such an amazing discount? The app called Too Good To Go. Basically, I can use this app to buy leftover food at cheap from shops and restaurants. Food that would have otherwise been thrown out. So buying that bread is a way for me to avoid food waste and save money in the process. Both great achievements in my journey to a financially independent and sustainable life! 🌍

This was not my first Too Good To Go experience – but it was probably my fifth or something like that. I absolutely HATE wasting food, but I haven’t really integrated the app into my life yet. Food is currently one of the budget items that I am trying to reduce and make more sustainable. So, I figured it was about time to give Too Good To Go another try.

Food waste is a problem for people and the planet

About 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste. One third! That is ridiculous. Considering that there are more than 800 million undernourished people in the world, it is also beyond unethical to waste that amount of food.

Considering also the amounts of fresh water, land and energy (including labour) it has required to produce that food, simply tossing it becomes mind-blowingly irresponsible. We should handle food with respect, since producing it uses up incredible amounts of the planet’s resources and contributes heavily to climate change. Perfectly good food should never, ever just be thrown away.

Avoid food waste and save money on groceries

I can control how much food goes to waste in my household – but I cannot control how much food goes to waste in shops and restaurants. That’s why I really like the option of saving food that would otherwise be thrown away. On top of avoiding food waste, I save money. Of course, I only save money if I buy stuff that I otherwise would have bought. Take tonight for example: I usually eat bread for breakfast, so I needed bread anyway. And I can store the extra loaves in the freezer, so buying more than I need right now is not a problem.

I usually bake my own bread, and I usually bake sourdough rye bread, rather than white bread. I am almost certain that I couldn’t bake it myself more cheaply than €4 for four loaves. But I know that the bread I bake is more filling and more healthy than the loaves I bought tonight. So I am considering this a test to see whether the Too Good To Go app actually adds value. Expect follow-ups!

How do you save food and money around the world?

I know that Too Good To Go is in other countries, but I would be really curious to learn what else is out there that helps people and businesses avoid food waste and save money. So if you have a good tip, please share!

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