Three Reasons Why I Love Yoga: Great Exercise, Cheap, Sustainable

Yoga is great exercise

The day I discovered yoga was a great day. The day I decided to ditch weightlifting and embrace yoga as my primary form of exercise was perhaps en even greater day. Imagine that after years of attempting to enjoy types of physical activity that I just… didn’t – I finally found one I did like! In fact, I would go so far as to say that I love yoga.

That is pretty awesome, because exercise is healthy, and doing it can prevent all kinds of illnesses. And I am definitely interested in being able to stay active when I’m 90 years old.

So why do I think yoga is so great that I decided to dedicate a blog post to it? Other than spreading the yoga-love?

1. Yoga is a good workout – I love that

I do yoga because it makes me feel good. I feel strong, my heart rate goes up, it’s a great way to clear my mind, and I feel really awesome and relaxed afterward. Let me put my favourite yoga work-out aspects in bullets (I love bullets):

  • Yoga is awesome for building strength and endurance. My body is definitely stronger because of yoga. And it makes sense: Many yoga poses require me to put all my body weight into just one leg or perhaps my arms (oh the day that I can master those arm balances…!). And the poses require stability, so hello abs and lower back muscles.
  • Yoga also improves my balance and flexibility, which is great off the yoga mat too. For example, I can always find a way to sit comfortably because my joints are flexible. I can sit cross-legged for hours and be happy and fit myself into tiny bus seats and be fairly comfortable. And yoga makes me feel more mobile in my every day.
  • Finally, yoga is good for my mental health. It’s a great way for me to focus on my body, breath and emotions and set everything else aside. Along with meditation, yoga helps me become a more balanced, mindful and happy person. To me, yoga can also be an effective way to deal with emotions such as anger and frustration, because my yoga practice is something I can control.

2. Yoga is a low-cost exercise – my finances love that

There are many ways to practice yoga, and the price tag differs. Personally, I have practiced yoga at a yoga studio (at 54 euros/month – and that was one of the cheaper ones in Copenhagen), using various apps (currently at a discount rate of 3 euros/month), using free YouTube channels and just doing it myself – for free, obviously.

I currently use the app Down Dog and really like it. I am, however, hoping to do more sessions myself as I become more of a yoga-boss. That would reduce my monthly yoga expense to 0 euros. Pretty cheap exercise – great for reaching financial independence. The huge benefit of making my own program also is that I don’t have to do poses I don’t like (happy baby, go away!).

3. Yoga doesn’t require a lot of resources – the planet loves that

As with most body weight forms of exercise, yoga does not require a lot of manufactured or electricity-driven equipment. And so, it doesn’t require a lot of resources (water, electricity, materials) for me to be able to do yoga. All I need is a yoga mat and some workout clothes. That’s it. Not only does that make for a really cheap and flexible form of exercise, but it also has a low environmental footprint. It also means I can do yoga wherever I want to. I don’t need to do it in a fitness centre.

Now, I have bought a yoga mat, and of course the production of my mat has had an impact on the environment. So, it was important for me to try to find a mat that was as environmentally friendly as possible. I decided on a Jade Yoga mat, because it is made from natural rubber, they plant a tree for every mat sold (since rubber comes from trees) and they care about worker rights. And it’s a really great mat that I expect will last many years, so I don’t have to waste money or natural resources on replacing it often.

What’s your favourite, budget-friendly and sustainable form of exercise?

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