How to Revive My Chili Plant and Bay Leaf Tree that I Killed?

Chili plant bayleaf tree

I recently got a chili plant and a small bay leaf tree for free from some family. Excitedly, I thought of all the delicious chilies and bay leaves I would be able to pick and use in my cooking – for free! The thought of being 0.001% self-sufficient was tantalising. But then my apparently less-than-green thumb ruined it: the chili’s leaves went all limp and the bay leaf’s leaves completely dried out. And that naturally begged the question: How to revive my beautiful plants? How to actually care for a chili plant and a bay leaf tree? It has become my mission to find out and to write it down in this blog so that I can always return to it for help.

How to care for a chili plant

  • Put it in a place, where it gets a lot of light
  • Keep it somewhere warm (not below 10 degrees Celcius)
  • Pick the chilies regularly
  • Don’t over-water it – let the dirt dry out between watering
  • If the chili gets aphids, rinse them off in the shower

Now, the part about over-watering it was clearly my mistake. I got my chili when the summer temperatures peaked and just assumed that it – along with the rest of my plants – needed loads of water.

It seems that the only solutions is to try to get it as dry as possible and see if it survives. Hopefully, the roots aren’t all rotten yet … ! 😔

How to care for a bay leaf tree

  • It needs a lot of sunlight
  • Allow water to run off – don’t soak the roots
  • Keep it relatively warm and away from the wind (if outside)

So – it seems pretty easy to take care of a bay leaf. In fact, it seems that it is one of the sturdiest herbs to keep. And yet, I somehow messed it up. I left it out in the sun at the hottest days in summer and forgot to water it, which might have caused its leaves to dry completely.

I’ll try to water it – without overwatering it – and cross my fingers that it’s not too late! 🌱

What if I can’t revive my chili plant and bay leaf tree?

Then I will have to get new ones, because I already adore being the owner of a chili and a bay leaf. I might very humbly ask my family for a new seedling + some advice for how to not mess it up again. That’s what family is for, right?

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