Daily Reflections #1

Daily reflections

I have had a couple of strange days where I have felt very disengaged from work and devoid of energy. Generally, I like my job and try to make an effort to do it well, so it has bothered me that I have not been able – or willing – to do so the past couple of days.

I have tried to reflect on what the underlying problem could be. Part of it could be that I haven’t felt 100% well. Another part could be that I just had an amazing camping trip with my family and want to go back. And part of it could be that it’s just something that happens sometimes. Regardless, it is pretty annoying, especially because it is such a contrast to the last several weeks, where I have been full of energy and motivation.

However! Today, as I was in an interesting meeting at work, (yes, they do exist), I suddenly felt a rush of excitement about the prospect of being a part of some really exciting projects this fall. That made me reflect on what I want my job to do for me – and how to work towards it. Mainly in my own interest, but also because I like it when people think I am awesome at something. I can’t be the only one who feels that way, right…? 🤓

So the first thing I noted is that my job offers many possibilities for me to develop new skills. This is pretty cool, because I like learning (for the most part). I am also usually good at learning when I put my mind to it. And mastering new skills will obviously be helpful if I want to change jobs in the future. Or if I want to start a side hustle to boost my way to FIRE. Or if I just want to continue learning.

My job is also politically, societally and historically interesting. Beyond the knowledge that is good to have to do my job, there is so much more I could learn just for the fun of it. Stuff that would allow me to reflect even more on the intricacies of Danish society, which I find interesting.

I actually already made a list of the things I want to achieve in this job a few months in, but I have not spent time thinking about how to reap the benefits. But – upon reflecting on it today – my action plan shall consist of the following. I will:

  • Commit 100% to become proficient in the new skills I need to excel in the job.
  • Spend time – also outside of work – to learn even more about the history and developments surrounding my field of work.
  • Try to find joy even in tasks that I am not excited about at the outset.
  • Continue to always be a positive, calm and helpful colleague, even on strange days like these past ones.

Before writing down my reflections here, I jotted a few of them down on my work phone, which helped me focus for the remainder of the day. I think that is also what cleared my mind enough for me to muster the energy to go for a run and practice some yoga – and write this ramble – tonight.

So here’s to always allowing myself – or yourself – time to reflect in order to turn a weird day into a fine day.

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