FIRE by the Sea is written by me, a 20-something woman living in Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband. I am the lucky mother to a cat that frequently enjoys nibbling on my toes and purring in my lap. When she doesn’t take up all my time, I meditate, practice yoga, write and read – a lot. When the weather is good, I also really enjoy long walks, preferably in some kind of nature – sometimes even when the weather is not so good (happens a lot in Denmark).

I am currently on a journey towards a more sustainable and financially independent life – a life that can hopefully lead to some kind of early retirement for both myself and my husband. But also a life where I – to the best of my abilities – do not compromise the environment or fellow humans or animals in favour of financial gain.

About this blog

This blog is a documentation of my journey to a more sustainable and financially independent life.

It is also a place for me to share my thoughts on how to live more deliberately. Everything I know and learn about becoming more sustainable here and more financially free there, I will share with you on these virtual pages. So, if you are also ambitious to live a more sustainable life or to become less dependent on your full-time job(s) – or perhaps both at the same time – I will do my utmost to provide you with a bunch of inspiration.

346 words about me

A few years back, I went to St. Andrews by-the-Sea – a quaint Canadian town located by the seaside. I fell in love instantly and dreamt about retiring there. I imagined spending my days walking by the sea and in the woods, drinking delicious coffee, exploring the depths of my creativity and — being utterly and completely happy and fulfilled.

This is probably where I first seriously considered designing my life for financial independence in order to retire early. Having just graduated university, I was facing just shy of 50 years of 9-5 and would not have – really did not want to face – any of that nonsense. And so I took my first baby steps into the world of FIRE (financial independence / retire early).

St. Andrews by-the-Sea is just one of a bunch of great travel experiences that I am privileged enough to have had. I actually used to dream about travelling the world. Heck, I have travelled my fair share of the world already. I still dream about that sometimes. About being able to work remotely (if at all) while marvelling at all the sights, sounds, tastes and flavours of foreign countries.

But a few years back I also realised that if I want to have the opportunity to be amazed by beautiful nature as I grow older, I have to treat this planet accordingly. That’s why my partner and I made the commitment to only fly on vacation once every other year (which, we realise, is still a lot). And that’s why I decided to live a much more sustainable life.

Being kind to the planet – or living more sustainably – means living more mindfully (which, coincidentally, is also reaaaally important for achieving FIRE). To me, that means less consumption, less waste, less releasing CO2 into the atmosphere – that sorta thing. A whole lot of less – but also a whole lot more meaning and purpose. Do I miss travelling to exotic locations several times a year? Sure, once in a while. Do I feel deprived? No, not at all.

Final word

I hope you’ll read along and join my little community here at FIRE by the Sea. I am extremely excited to have you as a reader!

Please also engage as much as you want to in the community. Share all your best tips, insights and personal experiences. Ask questions. I am always curious to learn, and I will do my best to help with anything you might be wondering about.

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